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23 Years of Experience

Since the year 2000, The Barnabas Group has been serving as a conduit for God’s work in various ministries locally and globally. Rather than solely relying on financial contributions, The Barnabas Group connects exceptional individuals and organizations with ministries to make a meaningful impact.

The Barnabas Group recognized that individuals with a passion for ministry could contribute substantially more if given the opportunity to utilize their network, time, unique abilities, talents, and resources to support ministries that align with their true interests. As a result, the organization has become a highly dynamic entity that remains innovative, engaging, and extremely pertinent to its partners, affiliated ministries, and the communities it serves.

The Difference

Take Your Place As A Marketplace Leader

Our group is composed of leaders committed to maximizing the potential of ministries by addressing nonprofit challenges with a business mindset. Our ultimate goal is to advance the work of the kingdom.

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Every day, ministries encounter various obstacles that impede their contribution to Christ’s Kingdom. Whether it’s logistics, operations, networking, or finances, these ministries require the competitive advantage that you, as a marketplace leader, can provide.

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Marketplace Leaders

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