A Brief History

The Barnabas Group, founded in 2000 by Bob Shank and Jim West, began as an initiative to mobilize business and ministry leaders to impact the kingdom of God. Its origins can be traced to Bob’s desire to connect successful marketplace leaders with meaningful opportunities to use their skills, networks, and resources for a higher purpose. Named after Barnabas, the biblical figure known for his encouragement and support to early Christians, the group seeks to embody these qualities by empowering leaders to leverage their talents for transformative work.

Initially started in Southern California, the Barnabas Group quickly expanded as the concept resonated with many leaders across the United States. These individuals were seeking ways to integrate their faith with their professional lives and contribute to God's work beyond financial donations. The group provided a platform for these leaders to engage directly with ministries, offering their expertise in areas like strategic planning, marketing, and operations. This hands-on involvement proved to be both impactful for the ministries and fulfilling for the leaders, fostering a collaborative environment where skills and faith intersected.

In 2007, The Barnabas Group - Inland Empire chapter was launched, bringing the group's mission and values to a new region. Under the leadership of Managing Partner Jeff Abbott, this chapter has been instrumental in extending the reach of the Barnabas Group, connecting local leaders with ministries in need. The Inland Empire chapter quickly became a vibrant community where business and ministry leaders collaborated on various projects, sharing their expertise and resources to support impactful initiatives. This expansion demonstrated the scalability and relevance of the Barnabas Group's model, proving that its principles could be successfully adapted to different regions.

Today, the Barnabas Group continues to thrive, guided by its mission to connect leaders and resources with God's work. The organization remains dedicated to its founding principles, continually adapting to meet the evolving needs of ministries and the marketplace. By fostering a spirit of encouragement and support, the Barnabas Group has created a dynamic network that not only strengthens ministries but also enriches the spiritual lives of its members.

Marketplace Leaders

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The Barnabas Group – Inland Empire is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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